Shea Butter 1 kg

1000 Gram

Butyrospermum Parkii (SheaButter

Shea Butter

We consider Shea butter as a “wonder ingredient”! Like Jojoba and Olive Oils we use it liberally and highly recommend its excellent qualities. This butter is rich in vitamins and moisturizing agents, nourishes & helps in treating many skin disorders. Shea butter is the answer for dry, damaged skin, restoring moisture and elasticity. Shea Butter is soothing and proven helpful in dealing with stretch marks. One of its outstanding properties is the content of ~8% unsaponified materials which adds to its efficacy in refinement skin & giving some protection from sun damage. (In its pure form the butter has a 3-4 level natural protection factor). European clinical tests evaluating the active ingredients in Shea Butter found it excellent for treating dry skin, dermatitis, redness caused by sun damage, burns and various skin irritations. The tests suggest that Shea enhances and increases blood flow in the skin that enriches the tissues with oxygen and helps to eliminate toxins.


How to Use

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